U.S. Money Reserve Review


U.S. Money Reserve Review
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Today, there are more and more people showing an interest in investing in gold and other precious metals.
It is one of the top ways to secure investments since the value of these metals tends to increase over time. This ultimately means that these types of investments turn into profits.
Many people like to invest in precious metals in coins, bars, and other products available in the market. It is the best way to secure your wealth because the value of precious metals increases over time.
There are several online dealers available that provide excellent services for these products.
Today we will be providing a review in detail of the U.S. Money Reserve to help you decide whether this is the company you would like to work with.
Established in 2001, the U.S. Money Reserve is situated in Austin. Texas. This dealer offers bullion products and helps clients to register for and set up their self-directed IRAs.
Before we get started with this review:
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Table of Contents
U.S. Money Reserve Products
What Is a Gold IRA?
What You Need to Know About Gold IRAs
How To Open Your Self-Directed IRA
How To Fund a Gold IRA
Top Reasons to Invest in Gold
Buyback Option
U.S. Money Reserve Reviews
Is U.S. Money Reserve A Scam?
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The U.S. Money Reserve is currently the biggest distributor of precious metals in America. They provide several products, including gold IRAs, platinum-certified coins, gold coins, and many other types of precious metal IRAs. The company was founded by experts in gold.
These individuals had a desire to offer top-rated knowledge and services to all investors of all experience levels. In this way, the firm has gone on to create a very large pool of investors who have all gradually built their wealth around gold IRA accounts.
The main attraction to the U.S. Money Reserve is its professional customer-relations department and personalized attention which results in one of the best experiences when it comes to investing.
At the same time, this company offers an extensive knowledge bank that allows investors to create and learn about the best strategies and to find out as much as they can about precious metal investments.
U.S. Money Reserve Products
The U.S. Money Reserve offers many options when it comes to investing in a range of precious metals including platinum, silver, and gold. This makes for the ideal opportunity to create investment funds to suit your retirement.
More importantly, when you buy gold coins or bars, these can be used to fund your gold IRA. These assets are then sent to and stored in an IRS-approved depository.
You also have the opportunity to buy a range of commemorative coins, and these hold a lot more value when compared to regular coins.
What Is a Gold IRA?
gold vault
People that are currently saving for their retirements are faced with tumultuous and uncertain times, which is why the self-directed IRAs are becoming so popular.
One of the main benefits of self-directed IRAs is that it allows you to hold a wide range of asset choices.
While many of the portfolio holders tend to be more familiar with the more traditional paperbacked assets, most are not aware that there is also the opportunity to buy gold and a few other types of precious metals when using a self-directed, tax-advantaged IRA.
It is much easier to control your retirement when you combine the performance and protection of assets such as precious metals alongside the tax benefits and modern convenience of an IRA.
The U.S. Money Reserve can assist you with setting up your new gold IRA account or when you need assistance transferring money from your existing IRA account.
If you already have an IRA account and 403(k) or 401(K) plans, the U.S. Money Reserve provides you with the choice to transfer your entire or part of your investment into a precious metal IRA.
After setting up your IRA and funding it, U.S. Money Reserve will ensure that your products are safely sent to a secure IRS-approved depository.
What You Need to Know About Gold IRAs
A precious metal IRA provides a way to convert cash-based paper assets such as bonds and stocks into tangible assets like palladium, platinum, silver, and gold.
Self-directed IRAs give you complete control over your assets, which allows for more opportunities that are not available with many of the traditional types of retirement accounts.
You direct your funds as opposed to a custodian that is holding your funds and making vital decisions on your behalf. It allows you to allocate your wealth in whichever way you decide.
With a precious metals IRA or a gold IRA, you can enjoy tax benefits like an IRA and the time-trusted benefits of tangible assets such as silver and gold.
You will also have control over the precious metals you want in your IRA, which gives you more control over your retirement and financial future.
How To Open Your Self-Directed IRA
One of the dedicated Account Executives from the U.S. Money Reserve will guide you through the process of completing the required documentation and help you open your self-directed IRA with one of the qualified custodians that are best suited to your goals.
Step 1:
Fund The Account
Once your self-directed IRA is open, your Account Executive will work with your custodian and you to help fund the account. This can either involve rolling over or transferring your current funds in retirement or you will need to make a cash contribution.
Step 2:
Purchasing Your Precious Metals
As soon as your self-directed IRA is funded, the U.S. Money Reserve will assist you in choosing and securely buying any of the qualified precious metal assets. From here they will arrange for the discreet and insured delivery of your assets to a depository that is IRS-approved.
Step 3:
Choose a Custodian
The U.S. Money Reserve uses Equity Trust as a preferred custodian.
As one of the leaders when it comes to IRS-approved custodians dedicated to alternative assets such as precious metals, Equity Trust will also guide you through the process of creating and maintaining your Self-Directed IRA.
Step 1:
Choose a Depository
The preferred depository for the U.S. Money Reserve is A-M Global Logistics. This is a full-service, IRS-approved depository situated in Las Vegas, Nevada.
AMGL provides one of the most secure solutions for storing precious metals that are held in self-directed IRAs.
How To Fund a Gold IRA
There are three options available to you when funding your gold IRA. These include new cash contributions, a rollover, or a transfer.
When opening a precious metals IRA or a gold IRA, your current custodian will be able to directly transfer your funds to a new custodian (on your behalf).
These are transfers that don’t require reporting to the government, and you can do them as many times are you wish without having to worry about tax penalties.
The account types eligible for IRA transfers include Roth IRA, Simple IRA, SEP IRA, and Traditional IRA.
It is possible to roll over the balance in your 401(k) account or any other retirement plan that qualifies into an IRA in two different ways: an indirect rollover or direct rollover.
What Is a Direct Rollover?
With direct rollovers, the plan administrator you are using will move your retirement funds from your current retirement account into an IRA, without you having to touch the money. There also won’t be any money deducted for taxes.
What Is an Indirect Rollover?
With indirect rollovers, you will be a go-between when it comes to your current account to a new Self-Directed Gold IRA.
You will be the one to withdraw your retirement funds from your existing custodian, followed by depositing the distribution you have chosen with a new gold IRA custodian.
This is a tax-free transaction, but only when the process is completed within 60 days to make sure a tax-deferred status is maintained for these funds. You can only perform indirect rollovers once a year.
The account types eligible for rollovers into gold IRAs include Tax Sheltered Annuities, Pension Plans, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 457(b)s, and TSPs.
Cash Contribution
If you prefer to use funds from a savings or checking account for opening a gold IRA, your Account Executive at the U.S. Money Reserve will be able to assist you through an easy and fast process of converting your money into tangible, physical precious metal assets to hold in your retirement account.
Before making cash contributions, make sure you understand the IRS’s guidelines that cover the latest rules and limits.
What Do These Options All Share in Common?
All the options mentioned above are eligible to use when you want to establish a gold IRA. If you have any questions or concerns, there is no need to worry. Your dedicated Account Executive at the U.S. Money Reserve will help you to decide which option is best for you.
Top Reasons to Invest in Gold
Gold has a history of diversification and performance benefits when compared to the vulnerable and threatened U.S. dollar along with escalating geopolitical concerns across the globe.
There are several good reasons why many people have decided to move percentages of their wealth into tangible assets such as gold.
Store of Wealth
Gold has maintained its intrinsic value across centuries, which has made it one of the unique vehicles when it comes to wealth insurance. It is also the only currency globally that has stood firm through the ages.
Gold has also outlasted every paper-based or government form of currency, which makes it default-proof.
Safe Haven
During such uncertain times such as these, gold is known for surging and in many cases outperforming riskier classes of assets.
Individuals that want shelter from these volatile times often rely on precious metals, which boosts the appeal of gold as the best safe-haven asset.
Portfolio Diversifier
Traditionally, gold is also well-known for its opposite relationship to assets such as stocks. In previous years, when stocks plummet, gold has gone up.
But gold is far more than only one of the safe havens in an era of such uncertainty. It is also shown proof that it can be a vital part of balanced portfolios over the long term.
Profit Potential
Wise buyers of gold have experienced significant gains in the last few years, particularly the longer-term holders of such precious metals.
The historical performance of gold has shown that when it saw a correction, gold rebounded to even higher levels than the previous peak.
Purchasing Power Preservation
Buying power of the dollar has dropped drastically over the years, which means it costs way more to purchase the same services and goods. Since gold is a precious metal traded in U.S. dollars, when the dollar declines in value, the gold price typically increases.
This is how gold has the potential to protect or even expand your purchasing power, especially in today’s very uncertain world.
Subject To Supply and Demand
Since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, the U.S. dollar has since lost 96% of its overall purchasing power. This is because paper-based currency does not hold intrinsic value, since more can be printed.
But this is not true when it comes to gold.
Gold is enhanced by a market fundamental known as supply and demand, which means it is never subjected to the unchecked decisions and whims of central banks and governments across the globe.
Acceptable reviews and ratings
Wide range of products
Online resources
Accepts rollovers for the existing 40(k)s accounts
Has a few complaints in BBB
Robust annual fees
Not very many reviews and ratings
The annual fee for a gold IRA account with the U.S. Money Reserve is $250, but these fees will be waived in your first year.
The silver and gold coin prices can differ which mainly depends on the current market rates.
Buyback Option
When you are looking for one of the best retirement strategies when you choose the U.S. Money Reserve, you can’t go wrong. They offer a highly competitive buyback program when you compare them to others in the industry.
U.S. Money Reserve Reviews
Many entities from across the globe have verified this company. They have a few certifications from the BCA (Business Consumer Alliance) and many customer ratings, which makes this firm among the most reputable and reliable.
However, there have been a few problems that have occurred such as customers not receiving their order of coins. They have also been involved in a few lawsuits regarding the overpricing of coins or conducting deceptive practices.
Is U.S. Money Reserve A Scam?
No, this company is not regarded as a scam. However, you should still act cautiously so that you do not risk losing your savings, since no investment company is perfect.
We hope this review on the U.S. Money Reserve has given you more information on how important it is to invest in precious metals and that have made your mind up about creating your IRA to secure some of your retirement funds with the asset that is the safest and most sought after in the world.
The U.S. Money Reserve is not a scam, but we do not recommend them. They aren’t the best options for cash purchases of precious metals and certainly not the best option for investors that want to protect their wealth with a gold IRA.
There are much better options like the highly rated companies we have researched on this website.
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