Rosland Capital Review

Rosland Capital Review

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Rosland Capital was founded by Marin Aleksov in 2008 in California. The company’s headquarters are located in Los Angeles, serving customers across the US. 

The company also serves international customers through separate branches in London, Paris, and Munich. Rosland Capital is a precious metals dealer offering silver, palladium, platinum, and gold.

It is also a proud supplier of gold and silver exclusive specialty coins. These exclusive coins make lovely and unique additions to the customers as they have the same inherent metal value.

The company is committed to satisfying its clientele to win the customers’ trust. The BBB accredited precious metals dealer boasts an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau and AAA from Business Consumer Alliance.

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Table of Contents
About Rosland Capital
Rosland Capital CEO
Rosland Capital Gold IRAs
How To Set Up a Gold IRA With Rosland Capital
Rosland Capital Products
Rosland Capital Complaints

Why Buy Gold?
How To Buy Gold
Why Buy Silver
Gold Has Stood the Test of Time
Frequently Asked Questions

About Rosland Capital

rosland capital's website

The company opened its London office in 2014 and, in 2017, began operations in Germany. In 2021, they opened the Paris, France office to specialize in international coins and offer a wide range of fine and beautiful graded coins.

The independent Rosland brand in Germany deals in proofs, bullion, and collector coins, including numismatic gold coins from several centuries ago.

The team in the UK London office specializes in offering expertise in selecting the proper coin mix, including graded, older, and newly minted coins. The company prides itself on the values of honesty, public education, and high-quality customer service.

It is active on various business sites and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bloomberg, and Crunchbase. These sites and platforms provide a wealth of up-to-date information about the company’s services and offerings.

Rosland Capital CEO

The company’s CEO is Marin Aleksov, who provides credibility to the whole company with his 20 years of experience in the precious metals industry.

Beyond guiding the development and expansion of company activities as the CEO, Marin is also closely involved in the customer journey to ensure that all customer needs are met beyond expectation.  

Since 2014 Marin has overseen the company’s extension into the United Kingdom and France in 2021. His global experience and deep knowledge in the precious metals industry have made him one of the trusted sources for multiple media outlets.

The CEO has also featured extensively as a guest on radio shows hosted by great national hosts.  

Marin is dedicated to sharing about investing in precious with anyone, whether reporters, customers, or the public, and shares the benefits of including such in one’s investment lineup.

He published The Rosland Capital Guide to Gold in 2015 to educate the public and support a good cause as he donates profits from the sale to American Red Cross.   

Marin offers the benefits of his years of experience and knowledge in the industry. This aligns with the company’s philosophy of customer education to help them make better and informed investment decisions.

He is a believer in education assisting people in making better diversification choices, and he can be found on several social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Rosland Capital Gold IRAs

Rosland offers investors an opportunity to lower their investment risk by diversifying their portfolios. A gold IRA is a government-approved retirement account backed by precious physical metals like gold, silver, platinum, palladium, or a combination of two or more.

The company allows you to reinforce your IRA with IRS-eligible products.  

Beyond offering IRS-approved precious metals, Rosland provides you with the necessary information to make a good investment choice.

The team of professionals is always available and dedicated to assisting clients at every step.

They will help you create your gold IRA account, choose the best metals that suit your investment need, advise you on the available funding options, and make the entire process straightforward with all the relevant paperwork.

How To Set Up a Gold IRA With Rosland Capital

The process of setting up a gold IRA at Rosland is easy with the following steps.
  • Select the most suitable precious metals IRA that is appropriate for you.

The company’s representative will start by explaining how a gold IRA works, after which you can decide on the one you want.
  • Filling the necessary forms

Including documents from the custodian (Equity institutional and Rosland Capital Customer Agreement. The representative will also be available to help you complete these forms.
  • Open your gold or other precious metals IRA.

Once you have completed the paperwork, the company will create an IRA account for you with Equity. The representative will also discuss the various options, such as coins that you may include in your holding.
  • Funding the account.

Rosland offers various funding methods a direct transfer from your existing IRA, a rollover option, or cash payment.
  • Buying the precious metals.

Once the custodian (Equity) receives your payment, the representative arranges with the custodian to move the precious metals to the Delaware depository, where your holdings will be kept in separate and secure storage.
  • Payment of appropriate storage and administration fees to the custodian, Equity institutional.

At the age of 72 years, you will be required to take distributions.  Remember, the company’s representatives are available to assist clients from the start to the end, making the whole process a walk in the park.

Rosland Capital Products

2 gold coins and a gold bar
Whether you desire to purchase gold, platinum, silver, or palladium bars and coins, Rosland has everything for everyone. They deal with an inventory of high-quality precious metals that exceed customer expectations.
Since IRS controls and regulates metals that can be held in an IRA, the company only deals in products approved by IRS.
These products include:
  • Gold coins such as Gold Britannia Coin, sovereign gold coin, liberty gold coin, Canadian maple leaf, Austrian Philharmonic, American Buffalo, and American Eagle gold coin.

  • Silver coins including American silver, Canadian maple leaf, Fisher house coin, Morgan dollar, silver Brittania, Peace dollar silver coin, etc.

  • Silver bullion bars

  • Platinum bullion

  • Palladium bullion

  • Exclusive specialty coins like the one for the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix

  • Various other premium coins

Rosland Capital Complaints

One thing you may not like about Rosland Capital is the negative customer reviews and complaints, even though it has good ratings on BBB and BCA. Trustlink, on the other, seems to have mixed reviews about the company.
Clients on different customer platforms have expressed their love for the company, while others have shared their dissatisfaction regarding problems with their products and services.  
Among the complaints on Business Better Bureau, most relate to advertising and sales, guarantee and warranty, delivery, billing, and collection issues.
There have also been complaints on Business Consumer Alliance, most of which were about the undervaluation of client holds.
While other customers have commended the representative for making the process of investing in precious metals easy, many disgruntled customers are angry at the dishonest service by some of Rosland’s agents.

Why Buy Gold?

The main reason for buying gold is to protect your investment and other assets. Gold has an intrinsic value, and even in economic crashes and downturns, it has always remained stable and reliable. It is still a trusted choice that has stood the test of time, among other assets.  
The main reason emerging economic powers like India, China, Mexico, and Brazil are buying gold is because it is a proven way to preserve, protect and grow a country’s wealth. 
These are the exact reasons why individual investors are resolving to buy gold.  
Other reasons for buying gold include:
  • Diversification. A golden way to retire is by adding gold to your account. Gold diversifies your investment portfolio, reducing the overall investment risk.

  • Security

  • Hedge against inflation. Adding gold to your investment lineup is a unique way of shielding your assets from the effects of the dollar change.

  • Tax benefits

  • Protection against the volatile stock market. Gold is considered the safest way to protect yourself from wealth wipeout when the stock market stumbles.

  • Liquidity. Gold is a highly liquid asset that can easily be converted to cash.

How To Buy Gold

There are many ways of buying gold. Investors must consider all these methods before deciding on the one most suitable for their investment needs.
First, you can buy physical gold, especially if you feel that purchasing related products is complicated. This is buying gold itself.  
You can also buy gold in coins and bars called gold bullion. Gold coins are often seen as the easiest way to buy gold, with a great potential to hedge against harsh economic times and inflation.
You can also purchase a gold bar, but it is often easier to liquidate coins than a single gold bar. Liquidity is a primary concern when buying coins since price premiums are higher than bars. Gold coins are also minted by weight and guaranteed purity.
The last option of buying gold is in terms of securities, funds, and notes. This form of investment is called ‘virtual’ gold and is often traded on stock exchanges. However, this method comes with additional risks due to possible market fluctuation.
Beyond this, it is essential to note that it has other taxes and fees.  
When investing in physical gold, that is, gold coins and bars, consider the following:
  • Start small with what you know

  • Choose a reputable and trusted dealer

  • Carefully choose the denomination

  • Understand what you are buying

Why Buy Silver

Besides gold, silver is another precious metal that you may consider adding to your retirement account for diversification. Over the past, silver has been recognized as a valuable asset, and this still stands up today.
It is also considered to offer financial protection against inflation and weak currencies and is the least expensive among precious metals.  
Silver a trusted form of diversification that has consistently retained its value through the ages. It appeals both as an industrial commodity and a collectible hence a unique position among precious metals. 
Silver is available in numerous forms, including coins, bars, and rounds which are easy to store and transport.
The coins have high liquidity as they can be easily converted to cash. Silver is probably the most affordable precious metal, is considered a legal tender internationally, and is a negotiable currency.

Gold Has Stood the Test of Time

Gold has a long history dating back to ancient civilization. It was used as a way of protecting against the impacts of inflation on the purchasing power of the currency.
It has an intrinsic value that makes it stable and reliable even during economic crashes and downturns.
It is a default proof as it has outlasted every form of paper money and government.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I buy gold?
This is dependent on your reasons for buying gold and your interest in gold. If you decide to buy gold and you can afford it, the answer is to buy it right now. You do not have to delay your purchase for any reason.
It is unrealistic to base your purchase timing on expecting that prices may change in your favor. Once you understand how gold investment works, go ahead and purchase your holdings.
How should I invest in gold?
There are several ways of investing in gold. How you invest in precious metals depends on your personal needs and preferences. First, you can buy physical gold from coins and bars and back up your retirement account with your gold.
The second available option is to invest in notes, funds, and scurries, which are traded at stock exchanges. This method is known as virtual gold and comes with additional costs, taxes, and risks associated with the exchange market.
If, for example, liquidity is your concern, gold coins are the best choice for you.
Why should I seek professional advice before buying gold?
You need to seek professional advice and information before buying gold to avoid making an investment mistake. Speaking out to an expert will provide you with the essential information you need to make a better investment choice.
Where can I find a good gold firm?
To find a well-trusted dealer, you have to do your research first. Customer review platforms like Trustlink and Trustpilot are good sites to start your research.
You can also select dealers with a good trust record, accreditations, and ratings on reputable organizations like BBB and BCA. In addition, consider a firm that publishes a wealth of information on its websites and online platforms.
Here at Exim Bank India we have written a great deal about the best gold companies to invest with.
Why should I purchase gold?
Gold offers you several investment benefits, including diversification, wealth protection, and growth, tax benefits, liquidity, security, an edge against inflation, and defence against harsh economic conditions.
  • Deals in exclusive silver and gold coins specialty

  • Operates both domestically and internationally

  • A team of experienced professionals to offer assistance in setting up Gold IRAs

  • Excellent delivery time and high-quality customer service

  • No price information on the website

  • Shared storage

  • A high number of complaints

  • Dishonesty of agents

Like another precious metals dealer, Rosland has two sides of the same coin, advantages, and disadvantages.


Rosland Capital has been in business since 2008, and for all these years, the company has been dedicated to offering high-quality services and products to its customers.
The representatives are always available to advise and assist clients, making the whole process of investing in precious material easy and fast.
Even though there have been negative complaints about the company, it has a significant share of happy and satisfied customers.
Rosland Capital is an ok company, but we do not recommend them.  They are not your best option when it comes to gold and silver purchases and definitely not if you are interested in a Gold IRA, unlike other companies we have written about.
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