Red Rock Secured Review

Red Rock Secured Review
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Red Rock Secured is a privately owned company operating out of Southern California.
The company’s primary goal is to provide customers with the required information, premium, safe products, and exceptional customer service to safeguard their retirement assets.
The company is built on strong values like integrity and professionalism.
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Table of Contents
Red Rock Secured Background
Customer Education and Resources
Storage and Custodian Services
What Exactly is a Gold IRA?
What is a Self-Directed IRA?
How Does a Gold IRA Work?
Transfer Your Assets Without Penalties
Own Your Metals Privately
Is Red Rock Secured a Scam?
Red Rock Secured Background
red rock secured homepage
Red Rock Secured is a company dealing in precious metals. It is situated in El Segundo, California.
Red Rock Secured specializes in IRA approved products including in-demand gold, platinum, silver, and palladium coins.
Besides providing the best investment products for retirement savings accounts, Red Rock Secured is dedicated to the continuing comprehensive education of all its clients on different topics.

The company provides various resources on its website structured for simplified learning of market trends, precious metals investment, general topics, and current events related to precious metals.
The company also provides a whole section on charts and market projections on its website.
Customer Education and Resources
three blog posts
Red Rock Secured is proud to be one of the leading providers of comprehensive educational content on precious metals investments to all clients. Knowledge is one of the company’s key directives to keep clients fully informed.
The resource section offers numerous informative tools like editorial content related to market movements and precious metals investments, charts, and a learning center.
Storage and Custodian Services
Red Rock Secured relies on ultra-modern security systems to protect customers’ precious metals assets.
The security systems are fully insured by Lloyd’s of London. In addition, the company provides a fast, simple process of converting your existing retirement account to a special IRA legally permitted to hold precious metals.
A qualified custodian such as Kingdom Trust administers the handling of the asset purchases and liquidation processes. However, the client retains 100% control of all the investments in their account.
More importantly, the precious metal assets are stored in a top-tier storage facility with innovative and secure security systems.
The company’s storage services are fully insured and supplied by the esteemed Delaware Depository.
It is worth noting that the Delaware Depository provides non-segregated and segregated storage services in other locations through the sub-custody facilities of the Bank of Nova Scotia in Toronto, ON, Canada, and MAT International in Zurich, Switzerland.
All documentation about the ownership of every piece of precious metal held in your account is stored safely to provide extra security to the assets. Clients can physically visit the storage facilities to see their assets in person.
It is worth noting that the metals assets are not part of the depository’s balance sheet. This means the assets cannot be recovered to offset the debts of the depository in the event of bankruptcy.
The main objective of Red Rock Secured as a precious metals IRA company is to offer clients IRA-approved precious metals that can be invested in this kind of retirement savings account.
The company deals in a minimal number of investment products, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium items. Unfortunately, you will not find product pricing information on the company’s website.
The company deals in the following coins: the American Gold Buffalo, the American Silver Eagle, the American Gold Eagle, the American Palladium Eagle, and the American Platinum Eagle. In addition, anyone interested can invest in junk silver, which essentially is US coins with 90% silver – they are sometimes used in place of fractional silver.
What Exactly is a Gold IRA?
two silver and three gold coins
A gold IRA refers to an individual retirement account with funds invested in gold coins, bars, or bullion. Usually, holders of retirement accounts have invested these funds in mutual funds, stocks, or other asset classes.
In a gold IRA, the account holder can opt to set up an account with pre-tax funds or a Roth IRA bought using after-tax funds.
The Internal Revenue Service permits owners of self-directed IRA accounts invest in bars and coins made from gold or other eligible precious metals like palladium, platinum, or silver.
The main benefit of a gold IRA is that it enables the investor to safeguard wealth by adding economically stable assets to their portfolios.
A gold IRA involves buying physical gold, which is fully secure from cyber-attacks, and its performance is independent of global occurrences and geological factors. A gold-IRA helps you to own gold you can hold in your hands and can be included in your retirement plans.
The inherent qualities of gold eliminate all counterparty risk and the possibility of manipulation by the central bank in an attempt to regulate its supply or pricing.
Historical data shows the value of gold and silver has remained stable for thousands of years in the face of economic instability, inflation, political influence, currency devaluation, terrorism, and war.
As inflation and prolonged devaluation of the fiat currency erode investors’ purchasing power, precious metals have historically provided much-needed protection from these negative economic forces.
What is a Self-Directed IRA?
Determining how your money should be invested is one of the most inspiring feelings in life. Principally, it is the primary goal of a self-directed IRA.
Rather than depending on another person’s judgment to grow your assets, the self-directed IRA allows you to decide how your hard-earned savings should be invested.
A self-directed IRA offers one of the most effective ways of determining how your retirement money will be invested. With this IRA, you can allocate all or part of your funds in a traditional IRA and reinvest the funds in a precious metals IRA.
In addition, this transaction is exempt from penalties and fees, allowing you to diversify your portfolios efficiently.
The rarity of gold, silver, and palladium is a critical factor in why these precious metals have retained a lot of value after all these years.
To put it in context, the amount of gold, silver, and palladium has consistently been below the amount of paper currency printed when required.
Another benefit of a gold-IRA is tax exemption—the money you transfer to a gold-IRA is not taxed until you take a disbursement.
All this time, the precious metal coins and bullion you bought go on increasing in value, improving the overall worth of your retirement nest.
Please keep in mind that you control all transactions in your gold-IRA, giving you complete freedom to invest your money however you see fit.
How Does a Gold IRA Work?
If you are looking for a safe and viable way of investing and diversifying your retirement portfolio for a livable future, please consider a gold IRA. In the past, it wasn’t easy to invest in physical precious metal assets using funds in a retirement account.
However, times have changed, and it is now much easier to set up and roll over your retirement funds to gold or precious metals IRAs. Many investors realize the value of directing retirement assets to precious metal IRAs.
You can use various ways to get hold of physical gold for retirement. For instance, you can invest your funds the same way you would with a Roth IRA or traditional IRA.
Another way is to roll over or transfer all or part of the money in a current IRA, 401K, employer 410k, or other retirement account and escape fees and taxes charged for diversification of existing retirement portfolios.
Transactions involving your current retirement are taken care of by a certified custodial partner via precious metals brokers such as Red Rock Secured.
Then, precious metals brokers such as Red Rock Secured take care of all the paper documentation needed to transfer funds from unstable investments (those backed by paper currency like stocks and bonds) to your new self-directed gold IRA.
You can select the gold or precious metals you want to hold in your account and safeguard your retirement assets.
Also, Red Rock Secured provides an expert to guide you in selecting the ideal precious metal assets based on your financial goals and your portfolio needs.
Notably, Red Rock Secured ensures their customers understand the gold product they want to buy and how and where the assets will be stored in the various precious metals depository facilities in the USA.
As earlier mentioned, you determine how the funds in your gold IRA will be utilized. For instance, you are allowed to invest in more than one precious metal simultaneously.
You can decide to liquidate your gold assets and request your precious metals or gold to be shipped and delivered to your doorstep.
We encourage investors stuck in paper-based investment assets to switch to gold or precious metals and safeguard their wealth from modern-day economic and geopolitical risk.
If you seek dependable and long-term strategies to preserve your capital during the current environment, it is best to consider investing in gold. Physical gold offers more financial security and freedom when other markets are failing.
Transfer Your Assets Without Penalties
The IRS is committed to making precious metals investments as profitable as possible. For example, you can use a few legal “loopholes” to avoid paying tax when transferring some of your assets.
Did you know the law allows you to transfer your retirement assets in an existing Wall Street account directly to precious metals without paying any tax or penalties for early withdrawal?
Luckily, the type of retirement account notwithstanding, the transfer process flows seamlessly.
Own Your Metals Privately
Red Rock Secured tells client how they can set up a special type of IRA that enables you to receive your precious metals quickly and have them stored near you in a storage facility approved by the IRS, e.g., a safety deposit at your preferred bank.
That way, you have easier access to your assets in an emergency. In addition, this kind of IRA qualifies your precious metals IRA for tax deferment to support your investment before factoring in the liabilities.
They also say that your investment remains confidential to keep the IRA separate from your self-directed IRA.
Although, at Exim Bank India we do not recommend this. Pretty much everyone that tries to set up an IRA this way ends up with severe penalties from the IRS. That is why we recommend only working with reputable gold dealers and IRA custodians.
It’s concerning to see Red Rock Secured recommend this type of investment.
Is Red Rock Secured a Scam?
No, Red Rock Secured is not a scam. Nevertheless, the company fails to be transparent about some information, including fees and product pricing.
It is also significant to note that the company has been accused of posting fake customer reviews on its website. The company has also received numerous other positive reviews on third-party websites.
The company’s allegedly fake reviews, on websites like Trustlink, cast a shadow of doubt on the authenticity of the rest of the reviews.
The company holds the investor’s assets in secure facilities of your choice.
It deals with a wide range of investment options for gold, silver, and other precious metals.
The company provides clients with Thrift Savings Plans, which support the growth of customer wealth.
The company is dedicated to continuous research to offer innovative services to customers.
The company has not provided fees and pricing information on its website.
The company has been accused of hiding bad customer reviews and posting fake reviews on third-party websites.
Red Rock Secured is committed to providing customers with IRA-approved gold, silver, palladium, and platinum coins. Red Rock Secured deals in a smaller range of IRA-approved products compared to other precious metals companies.
The company provides zero information on its website regarding its management team and product pricing. Red Rock Secured has dedicated a detailed resource section to educate clients about precious metal investments and upcoming related events.
Red Rock Secured is an ok company, but we do not recommend them. When investing in precious metals you only want to work with the best, most reputable, trustworthy companies that will help you make the best investment.
There are just too many questions marks that came up in our research on Red Rock Secured.
There are much better options that we recommend for investors that want to protect their savings with a gold IRA.
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