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Birch Gold Group has been at the forefront of gold and precious metals investing since 2003. With vast knowledge, it continues to attract investors from across the U.S. who want to take advantage of its expertise in building precious metals portfolios, accessible diversification programs, and personal customer service.
It also receives positive reviews from The Better Business Bureau (BBB), TrustLink, Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), and their customers online. It has an A+ rating with the BBB and a 4.9/5 star rating on TrustLink. It serves more than 13,000 customers.

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About Birch Gold Group
Why Work with Birch Gold Group?
Benefits of a Gold IRA
Ways to Invest in Precious Metals
IRA Storage Options
Delaware Depository
Brink’s Global Services
Working with Birch Gold Group
Set Your Account and Pick Your Funding Source(s)
Choose Your Precious Metals
Make Your Purchase
Storage of Your Metals in a Secure Depository
Monitor the Performance of Your IRA
Birch Gold Group Fees
Reviews and Complaints
Positive Feedback
Available Education Materials on Birch’s website

About Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group is an “A+” authorized dealer of precious metals established in 2003. It serves more than 13,000 Americans from the 50 states. Birch has its headquarters in Warner Bros Studios in the Golden State of California, Burbank.
It is licensed to purchase and sell all forms of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. Birch focuses on helping its customers diversify their portfolios with gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
The core value of Birch is to empower its customers with knowledge. It gives the customers the chance to express their goals, motivations, and worries. With dedicated customer care with enough experience, all your questions about precious metals or the Birch company itself will get responded to adequately.
The Birch Gold Group will give you every guideline and review required to help you understand and be confident with the precious metals and IRAs investment before you make any decision.

Birch is committed to the following standards:
Customer Empowerment

Why Work with Birch Gold Group?

Every investor wants to be confident in the services offered by financial companies that deal with purchasing and selling precious physical metals. Birch assures you the security of your precious metal investments. The reasons why you should work with Birch are:
Experienced professional
Birch has a dedicated professionals team with experience from past positions with Citigroup, Dun & Bradstreet, and IBM. Your purchase or IRA setup will be easy and smooth with friendly customer care service.
Specialists in the IRA precious metals
Birch offers access to specialists who will guide you in IRA gold dealings. So you don’t have to worry over the uncertainty of the dollar or the stock market.
Exemplary work
Birch gold group has the best reputation for its excellent track record throughout the industry. This reputation is evident in the various accolades unfavorable ratings from independent business review organizations.
One-on-one care
Birch gold values your satisfaction. It matches you up with a precious metals specialist who addresses your needs and goals. Your specialist will be there all through your investment journey.
Birch will help diversify your portfolio to minimize your risk when markets get volatile. It provides investor resources, including a guide to recognizing financial scams.

Benefits of a Gold IRA
benefits of a gold ira
Precious metals are no doubt the best method of storing your wealth. Here are the benefits that come with precious metals IRA:
Precious metals are not subject to the risks stocks, and paper assets face. This gives you the best level of security for your wealth.
Precious metals can protect your wealth from various threats of economic uncertainty, for example, the fall of the U.S. dollar value.
Precious metals save you from the risk of having all your investment in paper assets.
Hedge against inflation
With the decline in the power of a dollar, precious metals preserve the purchasing power for the future.
Precious metals offer high-profile privacy because your portfolio is not subject to scrutiny by the government or other institutions.
Some precious metals, like gold bullion, have tangible, valuable metal content and weight. This makes their liquid assets unaffected by factors threatening other investment forms.
Growth potential
Precious metals are a source of good returns if you invest in them, making your wealth value grow higher than savings accounts.
Ways to Invest in Precious Metals
Precious metals are a good investment. Here is a look at the primary ways you can invest in precious metals;
Physical possession
If you are buying precious metals for physical possession, you can store your metals at home, in a safe, or in a bank deposit box. The advantage of physical possession is that you have complete access to your metals and absolute control over your investment.

Precious Metals IRAs
Precious metals IRA gives you both the benefits of precious metals and the tax benefits of a government-approved retirement account. Various coins and bars from all over the world are approved for a Precious Metals IRA.
When you purchase precious metals for your IRA account from Birch, they are securely stored in a precious metals depository until you decide to make sales or distributions from your account. You can add other forms of investment to your IRA account, for example, stocks, mutual funds, real estate, and mortgages.

IRA Storage Options
After you have opened an IRA account, you will have to choose an adequate storage facility for your precious metals. The two safe depository options for the customers’ metals are Delaware Depository and Brink’s Global Services at birch.
Delaware Depository
Delaware has a vast experience of 200 years in the precious metals industry. Their customer care services provide insightful advice to the clients. Delaware depository has a comprehensive insurance policy that includes an all-inclusive $1 billion coverage of assets and a $100,000 transit insurance per package.
This makes them an outstanding company. They have two depository facilities with high-security technology, one in Wilmington, Delaware, and the other in Seal Beach, California. Delaware Depository ensures that you own the metals stored in their vaults despite them taking responsibility for all the processes.
The CME group licenses the company. The employees inspect all incoming metals to ascertain purity and consistency. They also take charge of all the auditing and other IRS-related activities.
Brink’s Global Services
Brink’s offers secure logistics on a large scale with armored vehicles. Brink also provides a safe sea and air transportation of your metals. It’s preferred when it comes to the storage of precious metals.
Brink’s have Los Angeles, New York City, and Salt Lake City locations. The advantage of Brink’s global services is that they assume total liability for any assets under their transit or storage. It has perfect customer service that will listen to you at any time.

Working with Birch Gold Group
A Precious Metals IRA is a retirement account that helps you diversify your wealth into precious metals like gold and silver. The objective of an IRA is to protect your investment from the risks of inflation, fall in currency values, and fluctuation from other investments types.
Birch makes the process of setting up an IRA easy and friendly. Here are five steps to follow to successfully set up your IRA account.
Set Your Account and Pick Your Funding Source(s)
Birch will assign you a specialist to help review your transfer needs. Ensure you know how you will fund your account before starting it up. Will you transfer an IRA or roll over a 401(k) into a new self-directed IRA from which you will be purchasing your precious metals? Eligible retirement accounts can be moved into your Precious Metals IRA with no penalties.
You can decide how much of your portions you want to transfer from an existing retirement account into your new IRA. The funds from which you can roll over into a Precious Metals IRA include:
Traditional IRA
Roth IRA
Eligible 401(k), 403(b), 457, and other retirement plans

Choose Your Precious Metals

You will be guided to review precious metals options per the IRS regulations and decide which ones you want to buy. Your chosen custodian will do the paperwork and ensure a safe depository. There are four precious metals that you can buy within your IRA:
Make Your Purchase
Your precious metals specialist will review your order with you and get your final confirmation to proceed and purchase the metals.

Storage of Your Metals in a Secure Depository
When it comes to storing your precious metals safely, Birch can work with the depository of your choice or recommend their highly-rated holds; Brink’s Global Service and Delaware Depository, which offers insurance of up to $1 billion.
Monitor the Performance of Your IRA
You are free to call your specialist to check on your precious metals’ performance, make any necessary adjustments, or ask questions.

Birch Gold Group Fees
Birch gold group requires you to work under an IRS-approved IRA custodian to handle your investments. Depending on your custodian, you must pay a one-time initial setup fee and an annual maintenance cost.
Most investors prefer Equity Trust Company as their IRA custodian. The company charges a set-up fee of $50.00, a wire fee of $30, and $80 annual custodian fees. Birch gold group gives you a waiver on all the costs of a new IRA account if you invest more than $50,000.
Birch gold group majors in gold IRAs bars and coins. They are also dealers in valued historical coins. Here is a look at the products you can purchase under Birch gold company:
Gold, silver, and platinum American Eagles
Canadian Maple Leaf coins that include gold, silver, platinum, and palladium
Gold American Buffalos
Silver series of America the Beautiful
Gold Polar Bear and Cub
Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars and rounds
Valcambi Combibars
Valued historical coins like Saint Gaudens double eagles, Morgan Silver Dollars, and Indian gold head eagles.

Reviews and Complaints
In every business, you get positive and negative feedback from the many customers you serve. Below are some of the reviews Birch gold company receives.

Positive Feedback
Despite being indecisive at first, the Birch gold group did not give up on me. Their consistency helped me fully buy the idea of rolling part of the IRA into precious metals.
Birch is great. They are the best experts in a confusing precious metals market.
Birch gold is transparent, timely, and takes the time to answer all of your questions. I received my package intact, accurate, and in a timely fashion. I can’t imagine using anyone else in the future.
David from Birch was great! He gave me sound advice on the purchase of silver versus gold. He also helped me store it. The service was awesome. I highly recommend Birch!
Birch has been great during my dealings with them, investing in precious metal investments. This is an organization that keeps its customers as its primary focus.
Jamie, Terrence, and Stuart made getting set up with a precious metals IRA so simple! Friendly and smart, they helped me feel confident about going with Birch Gold.

If you don’t have a minimum of $10,000, they won’t bother to speak to you. I called in this morning based on their advertisement over the radio from WOAI 1200 in the San Antonio area. The gentleman I spoke to was extremely smug and belligerent when I mentioned that $10,000 minimums seemed exclusionary and elitist. He began speaking loudly and over the top of me and hung up on me.

Available Education Materials on Birch’s website
Birch gold group ensures that its customers are well conversant with the possible investment opportunities and increase their knowledge around gold IRA. They offer a few resources on their website under the education tab to help you make better decisions. Here are some of the educational resources you will find very important on their website;
Interactive chart resource
This resource provides you with the trends in the value of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. You will find it easy to understand the patterns and eventually decide on the right time to invest.
Expert opinions resource
Birch gold group has several uploads of interviews with leading financial authorities such as Steve Forbes, Peter Schiff, Doug Casey, Jim Rogers, and Floyd Brown. All these interviews focus on the best investment ideas.
The value of investing in precious metals
An additional resource will educate you on the differences between investing in physical gold and investing in paper gold, such as gold ETFs, mining stocks, or gold certificates.

The Pros of Birch Gold
A trustworthy, reliable company backed with a BBB rating of A+.
A large selection of gold and silver products both for storage and delivery.
An easy-to-use website with a convenient shopping cart.
High-security measures to ensure the safety of your funds.

Cons of Birch Gold
Addition of leading coins for personal investment compared to other gold investment companies.

Birch Gold Group can be your ideal precious metals partner. It offers valuable services to both new and existing precious metals IRAs accounts holders.
You will benefit from its lower fee charges and facilitation of fast buying and selling of precious metals on your behalf.
It ensures safe transactions with the IRA custodian and moves the assets to secure storage facilities.
With additional materials from experienced sources on their website, you will receive the best advice before making a step in your investment journey. You can contact Birch today, and they will help you with your investment plans.

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