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Since its founding in 2009, American Bullion has thrived to become a leading bullion dealer and gold IRA company in the United States. The company is famous for Precious Metal IRA rollovers and deals in investment products that can be held in Precious Metals IRAs.
Some of the products in the company’s catalog include gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. However, the company’s online catalog and product pricing are not provided on the company’s website.
American Bullion has partnered exclusively with Delaware Depository to guarantee safe storage of precious metals. In addition, the company has appointed STRATA Trust Company to take charge of custodial services.
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Table of Contents
About American Bullion
Advantages Of Dealing with American Bullion
American Bullion Management Team
American Bullion Fees and Pricing
American Bullion Secure Storage Services
American Bullion Trades
What is a Gold IRA?
Benefits of Putting Gold in Your IRA
Reasons to Invest in Gold
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About American Bullion
Over the years, American Bullion has focused on helping investors convert their current retirement plans, such as 401ks and IRAs, into gold.
The company has performed remarkably well in creating new retirement accounts for people who want to invest in gold and silver to secure their retirement plans.
The company gives clients crucial information about the company, bullion products, and answers to frequently asked questions about how retirement accounts can be used for precious metals investments and diversification of the investor’s portfolio.
Other than gold bullion, the American Bullion Company sells IRA-grade silver bullion, palladium, platinum, United States coins, and coins issued before 1933. For this reason, many collectors like trading with American Bullion as gold dealers.
American Bullions provides its clients with the standard services offered by gold investment companies and precious metal IRAs, like setting up accounts, rollovers, and trading precious metals like gold.
The IRS makes sure the precious metals are of the required quality and are stored in a safe and secure facility.
The company offers the best alternative for budding investors to protect, grow, and diversify their portfolios by investing in precious physical metals. In addition, opportunities to make money abound in the company for collectors and investors interested in rare bullion coins, notwithstanding where they are in the world.
Buying precious metals is a vital part of an IRA investment plan and is one of the best choices an investor can make. Studying all the options available for you in gold IRA investment is the best approach before taking your money there.
In addition, you need a dependable and forthright partner to transact with, like American Bullion. Ask as many questions as you need before deciding if this is your ideal form of investment.
Advantages Of Dealing with American Bullion
American Bullion is a leading provider of gold IRAs. It is best to rely on expert guidance because rolling over your IRA can be confusing, owing to the numerous steps and documentation involved.
Even a slight mistake can badly expose you to tax problems, loss of funds, and a lot of needless mental anguish.
American Bullion has taken many clients through the rollover process countless times and knows all the procedures involved. The company’s clients are guaranteed to receive outstanding customer service throughout the process.
Usually, the rollover process takes between five and seven business days to be done. The time needed for such processing is minimal, and all the work can be carried out over the phone, which is more appealing, easier, and convenient.
To confirm the credibility of American Bullion in the precious metal industry, we encourage you to go through their impressive list of affiliations provided on the company’s official site.
American Bullion Management Team
Most people like to do background research on any company before getting into business with them. By getting to know the people driving business operations at American Bullion, you will get a better picture of the qualification level of every employee.
Nevtan Akcora, the CEO and founder of American Bullion, has served in that position for the last ten years. Nevtan worked as the president and COO of Onstar Worldwide before starting the company.
Over the years of his professional life, he has demonstrated the skills needed to grow the company and its customer base. Nevtan has held various senior executive positions and performed a wide range of professional duties in the various financial institutions where he has worked.
The Director of Marketing at American Bullion is Erman Ebren, who has a rich background in digital marketing. He has been with the company for nearly ten years, serving in various positions within the digital marketing department.
He started his professional work as a systems engineer but now works with one of the many IRA firms in America.
American Bullion Fees and Pricing
American Bullion is clear and straightforward about the fees and prices clients pay. For instance, for an account valued below $100,000, clients pay $90 only.
Upon the inclusion of the setup fees, irrespective of your account balance, clients pay a maximum fee of $290 per year. This fee is almost equal to the average fee charged by most IRA precious metal dealers.
Moreover, American Bullion offers its clients a great advantage through a special promotion program. American Bullion set up this promotion to entice new customers to work with the firm and find value in precious metal IRAs.
Most investors can qualify for this promotion and draw numerous benefits from it. They are exempted from paying the annual fee, storage, and administrative costs, meaning they do not pay any charges for the initial year.
This promotion aims to save clients’ money and provide extra incentives to trade with American Bullion.
American Bullion Secure Storage Services
American Bullion prefers collaborating with STRATA and Delaware Depository to provide secure storage services at exceptionally realistic storage charges. Thanks to the promotion given to customers in the first year, there are no costs required to begin investing.
This means that, by working with American Bullion, customers can store their precious metals or gold for free. This shows the company’s commitment to building a long-term working relationship with clients based on quality service provision.
Indeed, customers buying precious metals or gold for other reasons apart from an IRA can store these assets at home. You can request American Bullion to bring all the products you buy from them to your doorstep, and the company will deliver.
Many investors opt for this storage option to safeguard their wealth from inflation erosion or government-instigated restrictions.
History has many instances where the government has taken away gold or other precious metal assets from private individuals. Storing gold at home is suitable for investors completely focused on using precious metals as a hedging tool.
The company has assembled a team of experts eager to answer any questions you may have about investing in precious metals. We encourage you to call and talk to the company to make your inquiries.
-It has a long-standing experience in the precious metal industry.
-It has a large section reserved for educational resources.
-It delivers safe and secure storage through a partnership with Delaware Depository.
-Customers can opt for segregated or non-segregated storage for their precious metals.
-The company has gathered several complaints and negative customer reviews.
-It charges a relatively higher premium for the exclusive coins.
-It does not offer palladium or platinum products.
American Bullion Trades
Before an investor purchases any coins, it helps to know the difference between the various types of coins eligible for IRAs, like bullion, proof, and uncirculated, which are NOT the same.
American Bullion deals in quality investment products that meet the requirements to be held in a self-directed IRA. The company’s inventory also includes “all U.S. and European pre-1933 coins” to meet the demand for numismatic coins from collectors.
Strangely, the company has not made available an online catalog of the products it deals in. Nonetheless, the company website acknowledges that customers can readily invest in gold, silver, palladium, and platinum coins and bars.
Prospective customers are encouraged to talk directly to the company’s staff to learn more about the available offers and pricing.
What is a Gold IRA?
gold egg in nest
A Gold IRA, sometimes called a Precious Metals IRA, refers to a customer-directed Individual Retirement Account currently used by many investors to provide risk diversification and stability to their asset portfolios.
A Gold IRA allows investors to include precious metals in their tax-sheltered retirement accounts. These precious metal assets are sold and stored in the physical form of bars and coins.
For a long time, investors have used precious metals to protect their wealth against erosion from inflation and geopolitical disasters. In addition, long-term investors use precious metals for risk diversification instead of currency-backed assets.
Benefits of Putting Gold in Your IRA
The most significant goal for almost all Gold IRA investors is to find long-term wealth preservation measures. Precious metal assets appeal to most investors because of their safety, price stability, and unmatched ability to protect long-term portfolio value.
Precious metal assets provide numerous financial benefits that are lacking in most investment alternatives. For example, gold provides investors with long-term financial stability when the economy fails and safeguards wealth when currencies lose value.
In addition, the supply of precious metal assets is limited, further protecting them from price fluctuations for the foreseeable future.
Reasons to Invest in Gold
Protecting your financial resources from unpredictable political and economic forces is always the best tip. In this way, the value of gold has been stable for many centuries, making the precious metal ideal for the growth of wealth.
In 2010, many global investors redirected their investment capital from paper-based assets to gold IRAs, gold coins, and gold bullion to safeguard, insure, and grow their portfolios amidst economic unpredictability, terrorism, and the negative effect of hyperinflation.
The U.S. dollar is struggling to retain value; many people note that the dollar does not have the same purchasing power it used to have. Government data shows the U.S. dollar index has dropped by 37% since 2001.
The loss of value by the dollar is attributed to the increase in the money supply in the economy, which has doubled since 2018. It is worth noting that the Federal Reserve has been printing money at a higher rate than before.
As an illustration, if you had a bank balance of $100,000 in U.S. dollars in 2001, the cumulative loss of buying power reduced the value by $37,000 at the start of 2010. This means the money in your pocket will buy you fewer goods and services each year.
In addition, the supply of the U.S dollar in the economy has increased rapidly following the introduction of the federal economic stimulus program of 2008-2009, further reducing the value of the U.S dollar.
In contrast, the value of gold has increased in the last decade as the supply of the U.S. dollar in the economy has increased by more than double. For instance, gold prices grew by about 350% between 2000 and 2010.
Consequently, many financial institutions have invested in gold to protect other currency-backed assets.
For example, in 2009, Northwestern Mutual Insurance, a 152-year-old insurance firm, decided to buy $400 million worth of physical gold to safeguard the value of its portfolio.
When looking at the fee structure, American Bullion ranks among the major companies operating in the sector. However, with American Bullion, customers do not need to pay fees for the first year to begin the investment journey.
This provision has drawn more customers to the company and enables them to try out the investment before making any financial commitment. This promotion shows the company’s commitment to building a long-term professional relationship with its customers.
If you plan to buy precious metals, American Bullion has built a good reputation and extensive experience and expertise to help you navigate forward. The company has focused on IRA-grade bars and coins but also deals in a wide range of rare and numismatic coins.
American Bullion is a decent company, but we do not recommend them. They are not the best option for gold purchases and definitely not the best for investors that want to protect their assets with a precious metals IRA, there are much better options we recommend.
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